Q- How did you begin in your care of animals?

Cammy Donnen: I was born in Durango Colorado and am a life-long advocate for domesticated animal, specifically horses, dogs and cats. My background encompasses animal rescue and rehabilitation including wildlife. With certifications in animal law, protection and health.

I spent 18 years in the equine saddle and accessory company with a focus on the custom saddle design and horse-friendly custom saddle fit. For 5 years, I traveled across the USA in a Peterbilt semitruck planning, directing and executing full saddle and saddle accessory events every other weekend. Some years we did 32 events. That’s a lot of horse!

Q- How did you get started in the cannabis and hemp industry?

Cammy Donnen: I have been a 20+ year cannabis user for treatment of a medical condition called CVS. Living in Colorado for most of my life has exposed me to the countless benefits of cannabis. I have been making my own cannabis based products for years now. Turns out hemp has some amazing benefits as well! My love of natural heath and desire to help animals turned into an epiphany of sorts. I have the land. I have the farm. I have the experience. Almost overnight, my life changed direction.

Q – What is Bloodhound Hemp Farms?

Cammy Donnen: Our family business was inspired by our beloved bloodhound, Memphis, watching him prance and prowl (and sleep) on our farm. If you have not heard of hemp derived CBD or Cannabidiol, it is a natural compound that is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant but unlike its cousin cannabinoid THC, CBD is completely non-psychoactive and has shown to offer promise for alternative natural supplements for people and pets.

Humans and many of our pets are equipped with a system that is similar to our nervous or digestive systems called the endocannbinoid system or ECS. We have endocannabinoid receptors through-out our bodies. This system is responsible for many biological processes like immune response, sleep, appetite, digestion, pain, memory, and temperature regulation to name a few and interacts directly with cannabinoids our bodies produce naturally called endocannabinoids. However, for many (including pets) our bodies become endocannabinoid deficient so phytocannabinoids like organic, non-gmo, CO2 extracted, full spectrum CBD oil also packs a powerful punch of amino acids, omega 3 oil, vitamins and terpenes which can be a highly effective daily supplement. Capable of replenishing what our and our pets’ bodies are not able to produce and potentially replacing conventional medications.

I did my research and decided to give it to my pets. In just a few days I saw an improvement in my dogs behavior and activity level. With continued use I have seen their overall health improve. Memphis at 7 is playful and initiating play sessions. Hilarious to see flying ears again. She has canine lupus and a heart murmur.

Our 10-acre family farm is located a gorgeous mountain town called Durango Colorado. The idyllic high altitude assures us access to clear air and clean water.

Q – What motivates you most to invest in hemp and all the work it takes?

Cammy Donnen: Reversing the stigma of cannabis! I am hopeful our work with dogs, cats and other pets can help. Recent studies done in Colorado with CBD oil suggest it may help with symptoms of inflammation, pain, nausea, anxiety and epilepsy. CBD and other cannabinoids may also promote general well-being. Over 50% of American households have a pet and combined we spend 30 BILLION per year on supplements and medications. We’d like to offer a local, American, family owned option as opposed to over the counter traditional big pharma heavily processed medications.

More pet owners and animal care givers are embracing alternative affordable medications. We spend a lot of money and time reading product reviews, testimonials and considering word of mouth when it comes to pet products. I turned to CBD oil because conventional medicine either did not work or had terrible side effects. Once we observed the benefits and profound outcome CBD has on our overall health; especially for our pets, we became advocates for it. Cannabis based products like pet CBD oil could help reverse the stigma that has followed this amazing plant.

Q – What’s the greatest reward?

Cammy Donnen: Happiness. Easy question. When I see Memphis run play with tail waggin’ and ears bouncing, it’s priceless. Happy hounds. Happy home.

Helping others understand and engage in alternative wellness options make each day less of a job and more of a cause. It’s a fine way to live on any farm.