ebony+ivory-logoQ. Business performance in 2015
A. E+I has remained a healthy business, delivering consistently; we aim & achieve growth every year on every level.

Q. How would you define the current operating climate?
A. Tight. Agility and versatility is what it takes to counteract the market contraction we are feeling.

Q. Has the market shown any change in terms of recovery in comparison to the past two years? Or is the recessionary climate still firmly in place?
A. The recessionary climate remains in place. By thinking differently & adapting what & how we do things has created new opportunities.

Q. What are the new industry trends for 2016?
A. Not new, but collaboration continues to be key. Knowing who to use for what channel is also critical. Be flexible, nimble and quick. Consistency and quality are rare imperatives that clients need.

Q. Your understanding of integration
A. For us it’s about understanding the total market. Welding together strategy, the target markets, the channels, and understanding the product or service very well. Knowing how to fuse these elements together effectively and quickly. Delivering measurable ROI.

Q. Creative performance over the past 12 months?
A. The agency’s performance has been consistent and aligned to client business objectives. Creativity for us is in the media implementation & the strategies as well as in the final product. Our Kreepy wrangler 3 min viral video was in the top 10 viral video’s as well as won a bronze bookmark 2015.

Q. Why you should hire us
A. Experienced, broad thinking with no fuss, strong 7 star service, we align to our clients business objectives & make sure we deliver, consistently.

Q. Key people in the agency and their roles
A. A strong experienced degreed team that have been together for nearly a decade. The ability of everyone to multi task & do more than one speciality job. Account managers have strong strategic backgrounds. Media planners have strong marketing & FMCG experience. Designers are strong in copy & DTP.

Q. Agency philosophy
A. Deliver on strategy, ahead of time and under budget.

Q. Agency structure and how it operates
A. Everyone has to have a servant heart & has to do whatever it takes to deliver. E+I has a flat structure, no silos, no egos. Speed & working smart is key. Our office is geared & set up for this to happen.

Q. Broader view of the operating climate and keychallenges facing the industry
A. Despite the tough conditions facing the advertising and media industry currently, there is an agency model that will succeed in this climate. Experience is key, as is the ability to handle communication across multiple channels, while harnessing lower budgets to engage with customers of clients with aligned impact. ROI is non-negotiable and while there may be nothing new in terms of dynamics, the volume of workflow has been turned up. Everything is more exposed, while service and revenue streams are being challenged. Width, breadth and depth of service, together with output is needed to create multiple revenue streams. Without this variety, agencies will find it tough to survive let alone thrive.

Future of the agency, growth plans and how you see the next 12 months playing out
We look at our agency through the lens of opportunity, and with tighter focus and greater quality of output we are in a position to capture both our clients’ and their customers’ loyalty. We always strive to achieve planned and controlled growth.

About Ebony+Ivory Integrated Advertising Agency: Ebony+Ivory established in 1969 with 100% South African ownership. We are a traditional boutique full service advertising agency with a group of talented, creative and knowledgeable marketing and branding specialists. We value your business and brands.!

We offer complete solutions for graphic & website design, digital & social media marketing, TV advertising and more in Johannesburg and the surrounding area.

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