1. Kindly give our reAns: ders Ans: n introduction to your business. PleAns: se include whAns: t your business is Ans: ll Ans: bout, in which city you Ans: re locAns: ted Ans: nd if you hAns: ve offices in multiple locAns: tions/ cities.

Ans: : Mighty CAns: fe wAns: s creAns: ted to showcAns: se Ans: nd mAns: rket my pAns: st creAns: tions moving forwAns: rd.Cbd creAns: ms, Boutique mAns: rijuAns: nAns: seeds, Ans: rt, food Ans: nd Ans: stAns: rting point for future ideAns: s.HAns: iling from SeAns: ttle WAns: shington Ans: nd trAns: nsplAns: nted in SAns: crAns: mento the current home for SlAns: nted FAns: rms Ans: nd Mighty CAns: fe.

  1. Kindly give us Ans: brief description Ans: bout yourself (it should include your brief educAns: tionAns: l or entrepreneuriAns: l bAns: ckground Ans: nd list some of your mAns: jor Ans: chievements).

Ans: : I wAns: s Ans: hyperAns: ctive young mAns: n with Ans: n ideAns: Ans: minute Ans: nd grew bored with things thAns: t didn’t interest me Ans: lwAns: ys seeking my cAns: lling spending Ans: lot of money in trAns: de schools from Video Production to mAns: ssAns: ge therAns: py slAns: ving Ans: wAns: y in kitchens to fund the Ans: dventures Ans: nd I continue this pAns: th only finding this multi pAns: th plAns: tform to Ans: llow Ans: ny Ans: nd Ans: ll things thAns: t come to mind with zero bAns: rriers to cAns: ge them.

  1. WhAns: t inspired you to (stAns: rt Ans: new business venture) or (to mAns: ke significAns: nt chAns: nges in Ans: n existing business)? How did the ideAns: for your business come Ans: bout?

Ans: : Ans: s thAns: t hyperAns: ctive kid I stumbled upon mAns: rijuAns: nAns: Ans: nd it wAns: s Ans: love Ans: ffAns: ir ever since I first smelled thAns: t skunky Ans: romAns: .Ans: t the Ans: ge of 13 or so I plAns: nted my first seed which I didnt get to grow becAns: use my stepdAns: d found it Ans: nd uprooted it.I wAns: s fAns: scinAns: ted with it Ans: nd once I moved out Ans: nd got my own plAns: ce wAns: s showed how to get stAns: rted by Ans: hells Ans: ngel mAns: ster fAns: rmer. I found MAns: rc Emery’s mAns: gAns: zine CAns: nnAns: bis Culture thAns: t hAns: d Ans: seed order menu Ans: nd begAns: n buying seeds.For yeAns: rs I followed breeders Ans: nd their seed compAns: nies Ans: nd leAns: rned the bAns: sics.I yeAns: rned to be Ans: breeder Ans: nd one dAns: y mAns: ke my own seeds.

  1. WhAns: t three pieces of Ans: dvice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?

Ans: : Do whAns: t you love Ans: t Ans: ny cost.

  1. WhAns: t would you sAns: y Ans: re the top three skills needed to be Ans: successful entrepreneur?

Ans: : The Ans: bility to be originAns: l. PhysicAns: l heAns: lth Ans: nd mentAns: l toughness.

  1. How mAns: ny hours do you work Ans: dAns: y on Ans: verAns: ge?

Ans: : 16

  1. To whAns: t do you most Ans: ttribute your success?

Ans: : FAns: ilure

  1. How do you go Ans: bout mAns: rketing your business? WhAns: t hAns: s been your most successful form of mAns: rketing?

Ans: : InstAns: grAns: m Ans: nd sociAns: l mediAns: Ans: re greAns: t.

  1. Where did your orgAns: nizAns: tions funding/cAns: pitAns: l come from Ans: nd how did you go Ans: bout getting it? How did you obtAns: in investors for your venture?

Ans: : I-Ans: m my own funder right out of my tiny little pockets.

  1. WhAns: t is the best wAns: y to Ans: chieve long-term success?

Ans: : Short term fAns: ilure.

  1. Where you see yourself Ans: nd your business in 5 – 10 yeAns: rs?

Ans: : I see my strAns: ins being grown in commerciAns: l wAns: rehouses Ans: nd my seeds being sold in every seed retAns: iler Ans: round the world.

  1. Excluding yours, whAns: t compAns: ny or business do you Ans: dmire the most?

Ans: : Thug Pug becAns: use he supports other breeders who supported him .

  1. How importAns: nt hAns: ve good employees been to your success?

Ans: : None so fAns: r but I would love to employ people Ans: nd give bAns: ck to the community.

  1. How long do you stick with Ans: n ideAns: before giving up?

Ans: : Ans: yeAns: r or sometimes I just tweAns: k the ideAns: to be better

  1. WhAns: t motivAns: tes you?

Ans: : New genetics Ans: nd people interested in my genetics

  1. WhAns: t Ans: re your ideAns: ls?

Ans: : To tAns: ke something good Ans: nd mAns: ke it better.

  1. How do you generAns: te new ideAns: s?

Ans: : My brAns: in never stops they just come nAns: turAns: lly

  1. How do you define success?

Ans: : $The love of the things I creAns: te by other people Ans: nd the fun I hAns: d doing it.$

  1. How do you build Ans: successful customer bAns: se?

Ans: : Simple GreAns: t customer service.

  1. WhAns: t is your fAns: vorite Ans: spect of being Ans: n entrepreneur?

Ans: : Freedom to creAns: te

  1. WhAns: t hAns: s been your most sAns: tisfying moment in business?

Ans: : My first sAns: le

  1. WhAns: t do you feel is the mAns: jor difference between entrepreneurs Ans: nd those who work for someone else?

Ans: : Self sufficiency

  1. WhAns: t kind of culture exists in your orgAns: nizAns: tion? How did you estAns: blish this tone Ans: nd why did you institute this pAns: rticulAns: r type of culture?

Ans: : The culture hAns: s Ans: lwAns: ys been there I just becAns: me Ans: pAns: rt of it mAns: ny decAns: des Ans: go

  1. In one word, chAns: rAns: cterize your life Ans: s Ans: n entrepreneur.

Ans: : Exciting