Q 1. Please give our readers an introduction to your business.

Ans: We are a real estate investment firm located in the Atlanta metro area. We work directly with homeowners to help them sell their property fast and for cash. We specialize in helping homeowners that are dealing with any of the following situations; divorce, probate, foreclosure, property in need of repairs, etc.

Q 2. Please give us a brief description of yourself.

Ans: My name is Ken Reed. I am an investor located in the Atlanta area and a pharmacist turned real estate investor. After earning my doctorate of pharmacy degree, I began pursuing my passion of investing in real estate. After 5 years as a pharmacist I decided to go full time as an investor. My company now buys between 10-20 properties a year.

Q 3. What inspired you to start a new business venture?

Ans: I was inspired to have control of my time and financial future. These were things I did not see possible in the typically corporate America job.

Q 4. What three pieces of advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?

Ans: Stay consistent, disciplined and faithful to your business. Trust in God to guide you.

Q 5. What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

Ans: In my opinion you need to be disciplined, consistent and dedicated.

Q 6. How many hours do you work a day on average?

Ans: On average I work 8+ hours a day.

Q 7. To what do you most attribute your success?

Ans: My faith in God and being disciplined to his guidance.

Q 8. How do you go about marketing your business? What has been your most successful form of marketing?

Ans: We currently use a variety of marketing techniques. We advertise online, using Google and social media. We also market to homeowners using direct mail.

Q 9. Where did your organizations funding/capital come from and how did you go about getting it?

Ans: We started using our own private funds. After multiple successful purchases we have built strong relationships with other investors giving us access to more capital.

Q 10. What is the best way to achieve long-term success?

Ans: In order to achieve long term success, I recommend conducting business with a high level of integrity. Set clear goals and quarterly marks to make sure you are on pace to achieve your goals.

Q 11. Where you see yourself and your business in 5 – 10 years?

Ans: In 5-10 years I envision our company operating in multiple markets buying multiple properties per month. Our goal is to purchase over 100 homes a year.

Q 12. Excluding yours, what company or business do you admire the most?

Ans: There are several; M2Rest, Ace Home Offer and Equity Cash Offer to name a few.

Q 13.How important have good employees been to your success?

Ans: Having the right people in the right seats are vital for any business to have success.

Q 14. How long do you stick with an idea before giving up?

Ans: This really depends on the idea. New marketing strategies we stick with 6 months. However, other ideas that are proven to work we will stick with until we figure out how to make it work.

Q 15. What motivates you?

Ans: My newborn daughter, my family and being financially free motivate me the most.

Q 16. How do you build a successful customer base?

Ans: We build a successful customer base by treating our customers fairly and working with integrity.

Q 17. What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

Ans: Building something successful out of thin air. I enjoy the grind that it takes to make it where most do not.

Company Detail:

Company : Better House Buyers
Contact : Ken Reed
Address : 4480 S Cobb Dr. Ste H272
City : Smyrna
State : GA
Zip : 30080
Phone : 404-341-4449
Email : Support@betterhousebuyers.com