Senor Screen: Where Quality and Family Values Define Excellence

by | Aug 4, 2023 | Construction Company


In the vast landscape of business enterprises, only a few can boast the perfect blend of expertise, dedication, and a genuine commitment to their customers. Senor Screen, a small family-owned and operated business located in the Lehigh Acres area of Southwest Florida, is one such exceptional gem. Specializing in screen repair, aluminum repair, lanai extensions, entryways, and all things aluminum, Senor Screen has not only carved a niche for itself but also managed to stand out from the competition with its unique approach to customer service and its unwavering focus on family values.

The Founding Story: The American Dream Unfolds

At the core of Senor Screen’s success story lies the passion and dedication of its founder, Mina Dean. Having dabbled in real estate, Mina’s entrepreneurial spirit was ignited when she recognized her father’s untapped potential in the aluminum repair industry. The idea for Senor Screen took root before the devastating hurricane Irma, when her father demonstrated his expertise in aluminum repairs. Mina saw the opportunity for them to come together as a team and build a business rooted in excellent service and genuine care for their clients.

“Our business is much bigger than just aluminum work; it’s about building a legacy,” says Mina, reflecting on the journey of her Hispanic family, who came to the USA with a dream and faith in their hearts. This legacy-driven approach forms the cornerstone of what makes Senor Screen truly unique.

Customer-Centric Approach: Beyond the Transaction

Senor Screen’s approach to customer service goes beyond the conventional notions of salesmanship. At the heart of their business lies a genuine desire to serve and build meaningful relationships with their clients. Mina’s mantra is simple but powerful: “Treat customers the way you’d like to be treated.” This philosophy resonates with the clients, many of whom come to Senor Screen through word-of-mouth referrals.

From the very first interaction to the final project completion, Senor Screen emphasizes transparency, open communication, and a strong focus on client needs. They take the time to understand their clients’ requirements and offer personalized recommendations, ensuring that every project is tailored to the customer’s unique vision.

“We pride ourselves on how we do our work and everything we do surrounding our business. That is what makes our business run successfully,” Mina affirms, highlighting the importance of their customer-centric approach. This commitment to customer satisfaction has won Senor Screen a devoted clientele, and many satisfied customers return for additional services, cementing the bonds of trust and loyalty.

Family Values and Team Spirit: The Senor Screen Difference

As a family-owned business, Senor Screen fosters a warm and welcoming atmosphere that extends beyond the confines of the immediate family. It permeates the relationships among their team members, who are treated like family, and echoes in every interaction with their clients. The close-knit nature of their team ensures that everyone is invested in the success of the business, creating an environment of collective ownership.
Mina’s father, the skillful craftsman behind the aluminum work, complements her business acumen perfectly. “We make a great team and complement each other well,” she says, underscoring the seamless partnership that drives Senor Screen forward. This harmony of talents and shared vision is what gives Senor Screen its unique edge, enabling them to tackle challenges with tenacity and find innovative solutions together.

Community and Legacy: Expanding with Purpose

As Senor Screen looks to the future, their aspirations stretch far beyond business expansion. While growth and success are natural goals, the foundation of their journey lies in their desire to create a lasting legacy for generations to come. “We want to expand but preserve that homey feeling we provide,” Mina explains, envisioning a business that grows without compromising on their core values.

The strong bonds they share with the local community further underscore Senor Screen’s commitment to being a positive force in their surroundings. As they expand their reach, they intend to maintain the personalized touch that makes them so endearing to their clients.


Senor Screen is more than just a business; it is a testament to the enduring power of family values, genuine customer care, and the pursuit of a shared dream. Led by the driven and resourceful Mina Dean, the family-owned enterprise has not only excelled in delivering high-quality services but has also woven the fabric of lasting relationships with their clients. Their focus on transparency, excellent customer service, and a close-knit team spirit sets them apart as a unique presence in the competitive market.

As they stride confidently into the future, Senor Screen’s journey stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to build not just successful businesses but also lasting legacies. Their story reminds us that excellence in business is not just about transactions, but also about the power of genuine care and the strength of family ties that enrich every aspect of life and work.

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