Van der Stahl Scientific is an innovative medical device packagingmachinery provider with a corporate commitment to help medical device manufacturing firms such as Medtronic, Johnson and Johnson, Boston Scientific, etc. meet the rigors of sterile device packaging compliance that is laid down by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States, as well as ISO.


Charlie Webb is the President of Van der Stahl Scientific. eBrandz news caught up with him and these are excerpts from this interview:-

Tell us a little bit about Van der Stahl Scientific?

Our program is a small group of engineers that has been very technology-forward in creating unique solutions for our medical device customer.

I founded Van der Stahl Scientific in the early 1990s. After a career in medical device scalpels and surgical instruments, mostly for the ophthalmic surgical industry, it was clear to me that there was a need for better packaging technology. Working with overseas manufacturing partners, I have developed and patented a variety of systems to help companies made certain that their medical devices reach the point of use oftentimes in a surgical theater with their sterility or efficaciousness not compromised.

How and when did you start this company ?

My company was born during the Internet revolution although certainly our company should not be considered an Internet company. But born out of that culture we developed a very free thinking organization that was very unconventional in terms of how our employees approached developing technology.

In fact, there were no barriers or limits on what we might make in these developmental think tanks and round tables. Because I have always been passionate about customer service, Van der Stahl was designed from its beginning to be a company that honored the needs of its customers. While many of our competitors had charged for services such as pouch evaluation in their laboratories and also charging for machine calibration, our company from the very beginning has offered this service at no charge in order to enhance the value of our machinery in this cost contained medical device industry.

What stands your company apart from its competition?

I’ve been passionate about Van der Stahl from the very beginning and I think most people would agree when visiting our website it is clear that passion is behind our products and our delivery system that brings our unique patented products to market. In fact, we have done such a good job with our customer service and product matrix that many of our customers have asked us to add additional products they are already purchasing in order to continue the working relationship and experience they had received from Van der Stahl Scientific. During these times of online order forms, where the human experience is being removed, it is refreshing for our customers to dial our company and always speak with a person who is cross trained to answer all complicated questions they have centered on this technology and regulatory dense product line we offer.

Who has been your greatest inspiration?

I’ve personally been inspired by business leaders such as Covey who have understood and communicated that being value-centered is vital to the growth of a good company. You can’t simply pretend to be a good, honorable, functioning company; you must act and live that philosophy daily.

But do you practice this philosophy?

Yes. Definitely. I think perhaps that is the principal difference between my firm and many other companies I have seen. Our customers agree that there is something very different and special about the Van der Stahl Scientific group.

So what next ?

Expect to see great things from our company in the coming years as we are passionate about innovation, as we believe innovation is pivotal in an evolving industry – yet many companies seem to miss this idea, retooling old technology and spinning it as new.

Our company is taking a point of bravery in our desire to start from scratch on any project we are involved with, for the ultimate aim of perfection.

Thanks Mr Charlie for taking out precious time from your busy schedule and agreeing to do this interview with us. We really appreciate it.