Q: Tell us about your company and what you sell.

Ans: Travelwedge.com is a 4 year old company located in Williamsville, NY that manufactures and sells inflatable bed wedges designed to allow the customer to sleep with their head raised wherever they are sleeping.

Q: Why would someone want to sleep with their head raised?

Ans: There are many health conditions where it is recommend to sleep with your head raised. The most common is Acid Reflux (GERD). For those that suffer from Acid Reflux, nighttime can be the worst. When you lay down on a flat bed, you lose the added benefit of gravity helping to keep the stomach acid in your stomach. When you lay down on a flat bed, stomach acid can easily pass through your lower esophageal sphincter and burn your esophagus. Think of your stomach as a bottle of water. When it’s upright, the water is unlikely to move towards the opening on its own. However if you turn the bottle on its side, the water naturally flows out the opening.

Q: Besides Acid Reflux (GERD) why would someone sleep with their head raised?

Ans: Other health conditions that require or recommend the customer to sleep with their head raised include: Snoring, Glaucoma, Sinusitis, Reduce bags under your eyes, Migraines, Back issues, Recovering from surgery and more.

Q: Is the Travelwedge Inflatable Bed Wedge just for Travel?

Ans: No, it can just as easily be used at home as well; however it was originally designed with the traveler in mind. We offer two versions and both are just a few pounds at most and fold easily to fit into a suitcase. If you are used to sleeping with your head raised at home, there is nothing worse than sleeping on a flat hotel bed.

Q: What is the history of Travelwedge, how did it get started?

Ans: Travelwedge started like so many other companies. The founders were searching for something that was not available in the marketplace. So like any good entrepreneurs we spotted a need and figured that if we wanted/needed this product, others did too!

Q: How can customers learn more about your products?

Ans: We recommend started at our website http://www.travelwedge.com there is an article section and demonstration videos, with further details.