Q 1. Kindly give our readers an introduction to your organization. Please include what you do, in which city you are located and if you have offices in multiple locations/ cities.

Ans: First Coast Women’s Services is a non-profit that is dedicated to education women on all their pregnancy options in a free-of-charge, confidential, caring environment. We have four locations across Jacksonville and have Mobile Pregnancy Center that travels around town to services areas with limited access to pregnancy help. We also have several other services to help women and men through the grief of a miscarriage, post-abortion stress, understanding how to care for their soon to be born baby, and more. We believe in changing lives and empowerment that comes from knowing all your options including parenting and adoption.

Q 2. Why do you believe in explaining all a women’s options when she is pregnant? And what additional services do you provide?

Ans: We believe in option education because it is the best way to ensure a woman makes the right choice with her unborn baby. Should a mother choose to parent, we offer a program that teaches parents about their child’s development inside the womb and tips for how to care for them after they are born. Through this program, they earn baby supplies such as clothes, toys, diapers, cribs, and more. If a mother decides she wants to put her baby up for adoption, we have a team of adoption specialists who will work side by side with her as she chooses the type of adoption that is best for her with an adoption agency. We also have counselors for those suffering from miscarriages, post abortion stress, self-image and self-doubt problems, and more. All of our services are free-of-charge including counseling, pregnancy tests, and ultrasounds.

Q 3. Is First Coast Women’s Services a for-profit organization?

Ans: First Coast Women’s Services is a non-profit organization. We rely off of donations from local supporters.

Q 4. Describe First Coast Women’s Services in 3 words.

Ans: First Coast Women’s Services is caring. We are non judgmental toward our clients and want each woman to feel comfortable and loved when they walk in the door. We are also empowering. It is our mission to educate women on all their options and to understand that they are not alone during their pregnancy; we are there for them. Finally, First Coast Women’s Services is confidential. All of our services are 100% confidential so you can come in and talk with us without fearing for someone to find out you recently went to a pregnancy resource center.

Q 5. Why do you have a mobile pregnancy center?

Ans: Our Mobile Pregnancy Center travels to areas of Jacksonville that do not have a pregnancy center nearby. We provide free-of-charge services to those in these areas. Each day, we are at a different location. You can learn more about our Mobile Pregnancy Center on our website to see when and where we will be.


Company Detail:

Company : First Coast Women’s Services
Contact : FCWS Jax
Address : 11215 San Jose Blvd
City : Jacksonville
State : FL
Zip : 32223
Phone : 904-262-6300
Email : info@fcws.org