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by | Mar 4, 2021 | Business

Q 1. What is Easysoft all about, how long have you been in business.

Ans: Easysoft is a boutique software company dedicated to serving the needs of real estate and family law attorneys and paralegals. Started in 1986, Easysoft has been consistently provided a steady and thriving compliant, auto-calculating software to lawyers and paralegals in these specific areas of practice, where multiple calculations and repetitive documentation are required. Located in New Jersey, Easysoft serves clients nationwide.

Q 2. Can you give a brief description about the products of Easysoft?

Ans: Compliant, easy-to-use software to help real estate attorneys and their staff complete closings using automated closing disclosure and HUD forms. And for family law attorneys (in New Jersey and Massachusetts) easy-to-use software to complete the CIS, and long and short form financial statements.

Q 3. What is the inspiration for Easysoft, what problem is it solving?

Ans: Easysoft was started by a programmer and a real estate attorney who were friends and found themselves discussing the difficulties of many challenges involved in the closing process. From the attorney’s perspective, he felt frustrated at the number of calculations that needed to be 100% accurate and that using an Excel spreadsheet was difficult and not always accurate. Plus the enormous amount of duplicate data entering required for closings was tedious and time consuming. Out of this conversation came the inspiration for Easysoft the focus on real estate legal professionals. Quickly after, the company expanded services to fit family law legal professionals, who similarly face an enormous about of data entry and calculations. Often times, attorneys in these areas of practice feel more like accountants than attorneys and that’s the program Easysoft Legal software has been solving for 35 years.

Q 4. How has your Easysoft product focus changed since COVID?

Ans: COVID gave Easysoft an important opportunity to showcase the #1 feature of the software. That is the work anywhere, anytime possibility. Easysoft is a web-based product and that meant that our clients (lawyers and paralegals) never missed a day of work. While the world was scrambling to find ways to work from home, or work wherever work took them, Easysoft clients continued to handle closings and divorces, including the ability to continue working with paperless options offered in the software, like e-signing, paperless filing of 1099s (by attorneys for their clients), and for divorce cases, the ability for attorneys and paralegals to send their clients access to complete important forms and documents to complete the divorce proceedings.

Q 5. What are the top 3 skills your employees bring to keep Easysoft running successfully?

Ans: Flexibility, dedication, and knowledge. Easysoft team members are experienced and knowledgeable about the product and bring years of practical, front-line problem-solving skills to the company. The flexibility to know that each day is different is one of the keys to the success of the company and has been the central piece to the long success of Easysoft. From front-line client success staff to dedicated help desk and product development teams, Easysoft employees know that client satisfaction comes first.

Q 6. What are Easysoft’s goals in the coming 3-5 years?

Ans: A. We recognize that solo and small firm attorneys make up 90% of the legal population in the country and that family law and real estate transactions are at the heart of every small firm, that’s why our focus is on continuing to add features and develop software that will serve the needs of legal professionals all over the country. For real estate practices, our goal is to integrate with title insurance providers. For family law practitioners, we are looking to expand the software to additional states like New York, Florida and Pennsylvania.

Q 7. What do clients value the most about the products?

Ans: A. Clients tell us that the ability to work anywhere, on any device make it easy to do business without missing a beat. Plus the affordability and ease of use are consistently cited as what clients value most about the product.

Q 8. Does your product serve all attorneys? All over the country?

Ans: Easysoft serves real estate attorneys and paralegals all over the county and family law attorneys and paralegals in New Jersey and Massachusetts

Q 9. Your company has a long history in the legal software business, what would you say are the key ingredients to producing a successful legal software product?

Ans: Listening to the voice of the customer, keeping the product affordable and staying compliant with current regulations. Switching the product platform from a floppy disc (back in the early days) to a CD to a desktop product to it’s current form as a web-based product has helped insure that our clients can work anywhere, and that the product has morphed over time to keep current to the latest technology.

Q 10. How does your company determine priorities?

Ans: We meet every quarter and

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