Q 1.    Whcover900at schools did you attend?

Ans:    I went to Murrah High School in Jackson, MS and graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, MO. Although I took part in many of the musical productions, I graduated with a degree in Business and Public Relations with a minor in Psychology.  My parentsinsisted that I prepare myself for another career to fall back on in case my dreams of working in the entertainment industry did not pan out.

Q 2.    Tell us about the CD; what’s your favorite song and why?

Ans:    My mother was a professional opera singer who gave voice lessons to students as I was growing up. Ironically, I was too shy to ever take advantage of this! I began singing in my high school choir, but sang “solo” —”so low”—that no one could hear me. It was not until college that I finally found my confidence and courage to sing out loud. I began to land major parts in musical productions. When my parents came to see my first show, they were seated in the front row. My mother always tells the story of when she first heard me sing on stage, she quietly leaned towards my father and whispered, “Bob…Debbie can really sing!” Since then, and with a bit of enthusiastic encouragement from my mother, I took voice lessons while at college, and later trained under Seth Riggs, the “vocal coach to the stars”  in Los Angeles.

The Gold Standards album is a collection of some of my absolute favorite songs from the Great American Songbook. These are timeless classics that I have reinvented and put my own “Silver Spin” on. The Gold Standards  was co-produced by Grammy-winning producer Steve Tyrell (who produced a few of Rod Stewart’s standard’s albums) and Jon Allen, and has musical arrangements by 2x-Grammy-winner Alan Broadbent. I am thrilled that I got to sing a duet with the incomparable Jack Jones on  “I’ve Got a Crush On You”.  I also loved having jazz -great, Ann Hampton Callaway, join me on “The Glory of Love”.

As for my favorite song, it would be a toss up between “Ain’t Misbehavin” and “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love”. In both recordings I was really able to

have fun and add in my own personality. I hope that is really evident when you listen to these recordings.

Q 3.    Talk about SLAM ALS.

Ans:    In 2009, my sister, Marjie, was diagnosed with ALS. Since then, fighting this fatal disease has been our family’s mission.  There are so many wonderful organizations out there who are helping the victims of this disease; but the bottom line is we need a huge amount of funding in order to get the research done to cure it. Now, we are taking our fight against ALS to a new level. My 17 year old daughter Madison and I teamed up to create slamALS.org, a worldwide online challenge to raise funds for research which will go directly to the New York based non-profit organization: Project ALS.  We felt a grassroots movement begun by a family who is desperate to cure ALS would be the fastest way to accomplish this and help save the lives of 450,000 people around the world with ALS.

Q 4.    The idea behind the name SLAM ALS is that ALS spelled backwards is SLA.

Ans:    We added the M for:

1.     Marjie—Madison’s aunt/my sister who is a victim of ALS

2.     Month of May ALS Awareness Month is when we launched.

3.     Madison and her Mommy—working together to help get this cure

4.     because we need a Miracle!

Q 5.    What was it like working w/Jack Jones?

Ans:    Jack was amazing to work with and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met!  He is charming and very down to earth with his great sense of humor!  His incredible success is eclipsed only by his kindness and humility.

Q 6.    Talk about making the video w/all those celebs-

Ans:    All of our celebrity SLAMbassadors have truly slammed from their hearts. They are probably bombarded with requests all day and night from so many worthwhile causes, yet for them to participate in our campaign was a great showing of their belief in the crucial need a cure for ALS.

A few “SLAM”ples  of “Celebrity SLAMbassadors” include talk show legend Larry King slamming his suspenders, rapper and television personality Vanilla Ice slamming “Ice Ice Baby”  by knocking down an ice sculpture of the letters “ALS”, – 10x Tony Award-winner Tommy Tune slamming his tap shoes, 18-time Grand Slam singles Champion Chris Evert slamming her racquet, legendary Miami Dolphin defensive end Jason Taylor slamming the air out of a football, UFC fighter Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort slamming his signature kick and our Miami Heat Captain Udonis Haslem slam dunking a basketball to help raise money for a cure for ALS. Udonis is an amazing supporter of ALS patients and he recently produced Who is Lou Gehrig? This film was directed by Gil Green, a Miami-native, and  featured in the Miami Film Festival. Who is Lou Gehrig? highlights the life of Miami ALS patient Jeff Fogel. Even the young members of the cast of Matilda on Broadway slammed their books shut for ALS and challenged the cast of Hamilton to do the same.

We are grateful to all who have joined in to slam ALS and hope everyone reading this will do a slam of their own! If you want to skip making a slam video, you can simply slam a check in the mail or slam your credit card number on our donate button! That is the best slam of ALS you could possibly do!


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