Charter Service

Q. What airports do you serve?

A. We serve Sky Harbor airport, Phoenix

Q. What is your service area?

A. Prescott, Prescott Valley, Black Canyon City and Phoenix

Q. Where do you pick me up?

A. We do Free home pick ups in Prescott and otherwise at the pick -up and drop-off locations listed on our website.

Q. How do I find your van?

A. Our vans come to your house, or our specified locations

Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. Yes, we accept all credit cards.

Q. Do I need to make a reservation to be picked up at the airport?

A. Yes, we do need to make a reservation, but you can call us directly to see if we have space available on our shuttle and we can pick you up on the spot too.

Q. Is shuttle service a shared-ride?

A. Yes, it is a shared ride.

Q. How do I book my return trip from the hotel to the airport?

A. You can call in on our regular or 800 number or book online

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Q. Are vehicles restroom equipped and air-conditioned?

A. We have air-conditioned vehicles but not rest room equipped.

Q. Are customized tours and charters offered?

A. Yes we do offer tours and Charter service.

Q. How do I book a round trip airport shuttle transfer online if I will be arriving at one hotel and returning from another?

A. You can directly contact us over the phone or email us.

Q. How Do I find you at the airport?

A. We will pick you up at the your respective terminal at the Inter City Shuttle Stop located outside each terminal.

Q. What if my flight is delayed?

A. You might have to wait to get on our next shuttle.

Q. Are reservations required?

A. Yes, but if we have seats available we can take you immediately.

Q. What to do if I have left something in the van?

A. Please do contact us via email or phone.

Q. Do you allow pets on your vehicles?

A. No pets. Only service animals allowed.

Q. How far in advance do I need to make reservations for service?

A. Anytime, although preferred at least 24 hours so we can check availability.

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Q. When can I expect my driver to arrive on the day of scheduled service?

A. At least 15 minutes before your pick up time.

Q. How long will the driver wait for me at my pick up location?

A. 10- 15 minutes.

Q. Will the driver notify me when they arrive at my pick up location?

A. Yes, they will notify you.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. 24 hours cancellation required.

Q. What is your policy for items lost in your vehicles?

A. We call all guests or the items are donated.

Q. What is the car seat requirement for children?

A. Car seats required for the children of ages required by law,  but not provided by us.

Q. How often do the shuttles run?

A. The shuttles run 7 days a week at 1 – 2 hours time intervals.

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