Growing Towards the Future Aditya Patil, Director of Ghatge Patil Industries Ltd

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Q 1. Kindly give our readers an introduction to your business. Please include what your business is all about, in which city you are located and if you have offices in multiple locations/ cities.

Ans: GPI is a group of industries with diverse capabilities that is engaged in precision engineering, from its inception in 1960. We are working with one common objective – to succeed as an organization, with a united strength of dedicated minds striving consistently in achieving excellence.

We have two foundry plants and dedicated machine shop units located in Kolhapur, Maharashtra:

GPI Plant I – Uchgaon, Kolhapur

• Foundry division – Gray and SGI castings with machining
• Machine shop division – Oil & Gas 6A & 6D Valves, Marine and Earth moving transmission assemblies.

GPI Plant II – MIDC Kagal , Kolhapur

• Foundry with machine shop – Gray and SGI casting with machining.

GPI is one of the global solution providers to the Oil and Gas Industry and supplies Industrial Valves, Turnkey components offering a full range of API 6A and 6D gate, double Block and Bleed (DBB) Plug Valves, shut off Pig Valves and Swing Check Valves and configuration within each of its core products. We are serving in ‘Upstream Oil and Gas Industries’ and ‘Mid-stream and Downstream Oil and Gas Industries’ through the brand name of ‘Omniseal’.

We have a separate Machine Shop division for manufacturing products in marine, off-highway, oil and gas industries; assemblies, sub-assemblies in tractor, off-highway industries.

For our Oil and Gas business, we have dedicated sales and manufacturing locations in USA, Canada and India. GPI has been accredited with API 6A and 6D Certificates by American Petroleum Institute.

GPI is a manufacturer of proprietary products which are designed and developed by GPI. We are producing a wide array of products for the same under the brand name of ‘GPPOWERTRAIN’, which includes transmissions such as Mechanical Power Take Offs, Marine Power Take Offs, Fluid Couplings and Marine Gear Boxes etc.

Q 2. What inspired you to (Expand your business globally) or (to make significant changes in an existing business)?

Ans: The company started an HPML line for brake drum in 1980 as the foundry industry was then looking at introducing automation. Today, the Company has set up a new state-of-the-art mega foundry project at Five Star MIDC to cater to the increased demands of its domestic and international clientele and it is strategically poised to further expand its
global reach.

In order to expand the business with its own offerings of curated products, GPIL started manufacturing Oil & Gas, Marine transmission products. GPI manufactures Gate Valves, Double Block & Bleed (DBB) Plug valves, Check Valves for the oil and gas industry. For the last five decades, In the year 2010, GPI established a US JV company – M/s Omni Valves and very recently acquired another company in Canada – Omni Valve, Canada.

We established our own in-house Research and Development Center with facilities like Finite Element Analysis, Experimental Stress Analysis, Functional Acceptance Testing etc. and NABL Accredited calibration lab for calibration and testing of measuring and testing equipment. We have recently introduced 3D Sand printing facility for rapid prototype development of products.

GPI’s quality products & and innovative solutions have rapidly contributed to growth in varied sectors such as agriculture, Oil & Gas, earth moving, transportation and sustainable energy industries

Q 3. To what do you most attribute your success?

Ans: GPI’s success is attributable to the far-reaching vision of its two founders, Mr. Jay Kumar Patil and Mr. Vasantrao Ghatge. These two friends believed in taking on challenges that others found hard to even contemplate. Their drive and hard work ensured that their vision saw the light of the day and the partnership flourished year after year. Like in any start-ups there were upheavals and setbacks but these two friends never looked back on the way to expanding GPI’s product line and turning it into a Company with a global presence in the industrial market. With timely transformations and increased manufacturing capabilities, GPI soon became a force to reckon with and still continues to have a strong brand value and a loyal customer base that keeps growing annually. As GPI stepped towards advanced automated high pressure molding line, it forged ahead of the competition by producing unmatched and limitless sustainable plus cost-effective solutions for its customer.

The Company’s CMD, Mr. Kiran Patil, also a visionary in his own rights, has expanded the business in various verticals during the last two decades. He has increased and upgraded the Company’s manufacturing capabilities to meet the ever-growing demand for GPIL’S quality offerings across the world.

Q 4. What are your product range and new products in market?

Ans: We have four business verticals that are mainly involved in manufacturing of CI and SGI machined castings, proprietary products in marine, off-highway, oil and gas industries.

We have our own in-house Research and Development Center with facilities for designing of new products to meet market / customer requirements.

Oil and Gas Industry – Industrial Valves, API 6A and 6D gate valves, double Block and Bleed (DBB) Plug Valves, shut off Pig Valves and Swing Check Valves etc.

Spring Loaded Slab Gate Valve – The GPIL 6D Spring Loaded Slab Gate valves are cast full bore through conduit valves with rising stem and slab gate with spring loaded seat for tight mechanical seal and positive shut-off in both upstream, and downstream. under both low and high differential pressure. Recently we have introduced Spring Loaded Slab Gate Valve

Marine & Earth Moving Transmissions : We are producing a wide array of products for the same under the brand name of ‘GP Powertrain’, which includes transmissions such as Mechanical Power Take Offs, Marine Power Take Offs, Fluid Couplings and Marine Gear Boxes etc.

Recently we have introduced Hydraulic Marine Gear Box HG – 4 ( with solenoid valve )

Hydraulic Marine Gear Box HG – 4 ( with solenoid valve )

This is newly launched Hydraulic Marine Gear Box with solenoid valve specially designed with additional features. Direct coupling arrangement can be provided for mounting directly on to the electric motor. The solenoid valve assembly directs the hydraulic oil to engage forward or reverse actuating positions using selector valve. This gear box is compact in size and is a versatile product.

Foundry Division: We are manufacturing CI and SGI machined castings as per customer drawing requirements with maximum casting weight 220 Kg. GPIL produces & delivers Intricate and safety critical cast products such as structural castings, cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, hubs, brake disks which are supplied fully machined to our customers.

Q 5. What are your efforts in improving company manufacturing capabilities?

Ans: We have in-house manufacturing facilities such as Grey and SGI foundry, machine shop, assembly shop, testing units, heat treatment & special coating facilities such as painting, PTFE Coatings, Heat treatment. We have also developed rubber to metal bonding and Rubber molding unit with inhouse rubber testing lab facility
We have our in-house Research and Development Center with facilities like Finite Element Analysis, Experimental Stress Analysis, Functional Acceptance Testing etc. and NABL Accredited calibration lab for calibration and testing of measuring and testing equipment’s.

In the backdrop of future market challenges and Industry 4.0 revolution, we are upgrading our manufacturing capabilities by introducing automation in the manufacturing processes. At the moment we are trying to enter into the new market of transmission sub-assemblies for marine and earth moving sectors and are gearing up for increasing our client list.

Automation of core painting
• Robotic core painting unit synchronized with automatic core drying oven. This results in a finer internal casting surface finish and a reduced casting rejection percentage. In-house designed paint preparation unit with core dipping tank for uniform core painting.

Robotic casting painting unit with auto paint kitchen.

• Uniform painting with consistent quality of painted casting. Improved productivity with environment-friendly process. Eliminates human dependency and results in reduced paint consumption.

3D Printing Machine
We are moving towards state-of-the art 3 D printing process for prototype and small batch casting manufacturing.

The benefits that accrue from 3D Printing Process are a reduction in lead time (up to 1-2 weeks for casting
development), improved quality casting in terms of casting weight reduction, improved casting surface finish, and dimensional accuracy.

Q 6. How do you go about marketing your business? What has been your most successful form of marketing?

Ans: Offering strategic solutions and an on-going inclination towards adopting new industrial advances, technologies & innovations have sustained our marketability. We have been able to strengthen our brand and expand our foot print globally, executing a wide spectrum of strategic end to end solutions to our valuable customers worldwide.

We believe that our USP lies in the reliability of our products, in our ability to customize and meet our clients’ requirements, in our prompt after-sales service and hassle-free maintenance and our professional dealings that ensure a good customer experience.

Q 7. What is the best way to achieve long-term success?

Ans: We believe that in the current economic scenario, in order to have long term success an organization needs strong leadership that is dynamic and forward-looking. Putting together a dream team that will work efficiently and is result-oriented will be a critical component in achieving organizational goals and targets.

Automation in the manufacturing processes to handle threat of manpower shortages in critical work areas.
Adopting advanced technology to meet future business / market demands. Expansion is different sectors in the market to avoid dependency in any one particular sector.

Q 8. Where you see yourself and your business in 5 – 10 years?

Ans: GPI is a next generation technology company driven by integrity and team work. GPI is solidifying, shaping & revolutionizing the journey of its customers. Our vision is to become global leaders in the foundry, Oil & Gas and transmission assembly business and put Kolhapur and India firmly on the world business map.

We plan to achieve sales turnover about 2000 Cr. in coming years. We are focused on implementation of Industry 4.0 in our organization to meet our customer requirements in terms of quality and delivery.

Q 9. What are the Green initiatives taken for environment sustainability ?

Ans: We hold ISO 14001 Environment Management System and ISO 45001 Health and safety certification. We are working on Green initiatives and hope to reduce our carbon foot prints by 50%.

We have implemented Energy conservation activities in our company form last 10 years and got Government of Maharashtra awards on energy conservation.

Recently we are going for Green – Co rating system certified by CII as a Green Initiative to improve our environmental performance. We are trying for the Best level of Green Co “Platinum Award” certified by CII.

Company Detail:

Company : Ghatge Patil Industries Limited
Address : Temblaiwadi, Uchgaon
City : Kolhapur
State : maharashtra
Zip : 416005
Country : India
Phone : (+91) 231-260-8000
Email :

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